07 Feb

TODAY the Super Eagles of Nigeria will clash with the Bafana Bafana of South Africa for the semi-final of the ongoing African Cup of Nations tagged Total Energy. The expectation of everyone except South Africans and mostly Nigerians is that Nigeria will win. I am not sure of that. I read a part of an article by one sycophant of one pathetic unworthy Nigerian leader a couple of days ago before the match between Nigeria and Angola. In the said article, he enjoined the Super Eagles to give Nigerians a win as that is what they need the most at this time when the country is gunning for the loo. 

I beg to differ with him. Whether the Super Eagles win or lose is inconsequential to the fate of the country now because Nigerians have lost a great deal in the scheme of human and global competitions. And my reasons are quite evident to anyone who thinks. And to give wings to them and make them clearer, I’ll touch on a few details. 

The super Eagle team is made up of at most 200 people if they are sane. Sanity is needed right now in every fragment of the country. I am not going to research the details because the role of the national football is quite useless currently with the with way the country is going. I won’t waste my time researching it. Hence, we will assume that sanity counsels them to restrict the number of team members to, say the redundant and the useful to between 100 and 200. At most, that will be 200 people among 200 million, and that is less than 0.000001 percent of the Nigerian population. You and I know that they and they alone would be rewarded by the power that be for winning. From what I heard about the recruiting process, many of those guys playing on the field were not selected on the basis of merit and passion. The buffoons doing the selection most of the time ask for money. And the amount they ask for is not what an average Nigerian can handle. You that’s planning or expecting to rejoice over that potential victory later today, you have lost already. That victory does not belong to you. Look at the state the country has put you. You should do whatever rocks your boat, but I just want you to know that Nigeria does not belong to you and that winning you’re expecting today will not add any value to your life whatsoever. The win will only make a difference in the life of those who do not really need it. This is the fact. Process it and deal with it.

If the Super Eagles win, the country will be given $7 million as the winning price based on what I saw somewhere. If by the chance of football, they end as runner-up, that will be $4 million. And Nigeria being as she is, that amount does not amount to anything at all. As my mother will put it, ‘That is less than a chicken change.’ If you think I’m not serious, ask Godswill Akpabio how much he stole from the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) coffer before he was rewarded with the Senate Presidency. Or ask Emilokan, the Jagaban of Agberos how much he and his minions have embezzled from the Lagos State treasury before he was rewarded with the Nigeria Presidency. Or maybe you should aske James Ibori of Delta State and a host of others. So, what’s $7 million again? Don’t you dare rejoice at the victory of some 12 men kicking a ball around for $7 million. I think the football and many other sports were invented to distract the people.

So going back to the prejudiced writer and a sycophant of an unworthy saboteur, Nigerians deserve much more than a victory by matured men playing and kicking a piece of inflated plastic around a field of grasses to entertain some thousands of unoccupied people who do not have a better or worthier way of spending their time.

What Nigerians really need is an economy that works for everyone, a government that is touched by the plight of the hawker on the street of Warri in Delta State and the market woman in a market in Hadejia in Jigawa State. What Nigerians need is a leader who will assemble a team of technocrats to craft economic policies that empower that Corps Member wrapping up his Youth Service in Enugu and that businessman in Lagos doing all he can to generate capital to support his failing business. The victory that Nigerians need is that that will make it possible for young people to know that the socioeconomic structure of the country will enable them to explore and to reach the height and depth and breadth of their potentials. But what does Nigeria offer these young Nigerians? Hopelessness. So, what does it matter if the Super Eagles win the AFCON semi-final and the final match? Nothing. And I mean nothing. Thus, you have nothing to celebrate.

So that I am clear, I am going to repeat what I have stated earlier, whether the Super Eagles win or lose, whether Nigeria win or lose the match, Nigerians will always lose. It has always been that way and it will continue to be that way until we say enough is enough.

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